House Bill HB2 has successfully passed through The House and The Senate

House Bill HB2 Authorizes tiny homes (ADUs) of less than 500 square feet for farm workers in agricultural districts in a Hawaiian county with a population of more than 180,000 but less than 250,000. County council may adopt ordinances for the oversight of tiny homes, as defined in this act (HB2 CD1). On Tuesday, May 2nd, this bill was passed through The House of Representatives and The Senate (unanimously).

Here in Hawaii, this State-level bill will have the power to change County zoning and building code requirements and easily result in doubling food production. How? By giving farmers and farm workers an affordable way to live on the land they farm through affordable Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). More workers, more food and a safer, better quality of life for farm owners and workers. When farmers’ housing and transportation costs are lowered, they won’t need the ‘other’ day job to pay rent on a house in town and this means they’ll have more time and resources to farm more food.

Accessory Dwelling Units represent a viable solution to Hawaii’s affordable housing crisis. Retirees, live-work artist pods, disabled and senior housing, workers needing low cost housing, kids returning home, etc. Buy, build, rent, lease-to-own – Accessory Dwelling Unit options offer smart solutions at affordable costs.